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Denver Newspapers Boasts 70%+ Increase in Real Estate In Column Ad Size using Virtual AdTaker


DENVER, CO - The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News, have been using the Virtual AdTaker for the past three years allowing realtors web access for in column ads. The newspapers tracks the linage for ads created and submitted by their realtors using Virtual AdTaker versus those phoned in, emailed, or faxed directly to the newspaper. Over a period of the past six months, the Virtual AdTaker ads show a startling 70%+ increase in linage over those entered internally. Ads entered into Atex Enterprise directly by the newspaper average 6.6 lines while ads submitted through Virtual AdTaker average 11.9 lines, an increase of over 5 lines per ad.

The Denver Newspaper Agency offers several Virtual AdTaker applications to its commercial advertisers including Realty Ad Express (for gallery display ads) and in column liners for real estate, obituaries, and employment ads. Realty Ad Express was a cooperative effort between The Rocky Mountain News and Virtual AdTaker. That initial product was developed into a complete suite using requirements developed by the Virtual AdTaker newspaper clients. There are currently 13 newspapers using these products.

Virtual AdTaker products were developed as a means of providing private party and commercial customers the tools to efficiently build their own image rich ads online.

Virtual AdTaker offers a suite of advertising products custom-made for the newspaper industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.

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