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Help Me Rent Magazine signs a five-year agreement with Virtual AdTaker, which will supply crucial online and print platform technology for the property rental magazine.


DENVER, CO - After signing an exclusive five-year contract with Help Me Rent Magazine (HMRM), of Los Angeles, California, Virtual AdTaker (VAT), of Denver, Colorado, will both create and paginate HMRM’s free property rental print magazine for nationwide distribution.

Help Me Rent Magazine’s monthly printed edition will provide advertisement listings for landlords and owners of vacation rental properties, condominiums, townhomes, estate properties, single family homes, apartment buildings, college housing rental units and other dwellings.

It is HMRM’s vision is to take the online print industry to the next level. HMRM’s CEO Michael Koshet explains, "We provide one more important option for the public to utilize. We give the world the opportunity to convert online property rental ads into print in a stylish, regional, premium rental magazine. Virtual AdTaker has created a unique platform and operational workflow that makes the process easy, from end users to offset printing companies that ultimately print magazines."

In addition to providing a comprehensive online and print technology platform, VAT has also been commissioned to maintain HMRM’s magazine pagination process on their website for easy access and search ability.


Virtual AdTaker offers a comprehensive suite of advertising products custom-made for the publishing industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.


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