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Virtual AdTaker announces VAT Gateway, one entry point for multiple publications


Virtual Adtaker now offers a true option for one entry point into multiple publications!

Publishers and vendors have faced an ongoing challenge to utilize a single point of entry for print ads for publishing groups or multiple publishers. The challenge is accommodating the print specs and pricing algorithms for each publisher and providing an accurate, print ready option. Virtual AdTaker's Gateway is the solution.  

With VAT's Gateway, proofs and pricing are shown for each publication and a final print ready ad is available to each publisher. Publications have the option to set up an interface or to receive zip files. Each publication receives a files specific to their specs, pricing, etc, while continuing to offer enhancements such as photos, logos and upsell graphics.

Virtual AdTaker offers a comprehensive suite of advertising products custom-made for the publishing industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.



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