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Virtual AdTaker has been awarded a national contract by The McClatchy Company


DENVER, CO - Virtual AdTaker has been awarded a national contract by The McClatchy Company for Virtual AdTaker's reverse publishing capabilities including Realty and Auto Ad Express, Important Occasions, and in column liner ad applications for specific verticals including obituaries, legal notices, and others. The McClatchy Company is the second-largest newspaper company in the United States. It owns 32 daily newspapers in 30 U.S. markets and hosts the leading local Web site in each of its daily newspaper markets. The McClatchy Company will be utilizing a variety of Virtual AdTaker's reverse publishing services, including:

* Providing ad capabilities for real estate agents, brokers, builders and auto dealers to create display ads via the Web with Realty and Auto Ad Express including eCommerce capabilities

* Allowing law firms and government entities to create legal notices via the Internet for print, online or both complete with affidavits.

* Enabling mortuaries to create obituary notices online for Web, print, or both plus feeds to third parties.

* Encouraging families and individuals to celebrate life events by creating social announcements for the newspaper, the newspaper's Web site and the national site

"Utilizing Auto Ad Express has given The Fresno Bee the ability to simplify a process that previously took a day to collect photos and data and build the ads, plus an additional day for proofing," says automotive sales representative Paul Ruiz, who has been working with Realty and Auto Ad Express since April of 2006. "Now we get the PDF minutes after the dealer submits the ad to publish."

The Fresno, Calif., paper isn't the only McClatchy property already benefiting from Virtual AdTaker's products. The Miami Herald in Miami, Fla., is in the process of launching, and current Virtual AdTaker customers include The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, Calif., The Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, N.C., and The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C.

"[Virtual AdTaker's] knowledge of the newspaper business enabled us to take an idea - to give our customers the ability to order, preview and pay for announcements online - and make it an integral part of our ad production process," says Matt Long, Display Advertising Production Manager for The News & Observer. "The Celebrations [Important Occasions] product has greatly reduced the number of people and hours needed to produce these announcements, as well as providing our customers with the control and flexibility they need."

Virtual AdTaker offers a suite of advertising products custom-made for the newspaper industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.

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