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San Luis Obispo's Telegram-Tribune Signs Reverse Publishing Agreement with Virtual AdTaker for Realty Ad Express.


DENVER, CO - The Telegram-Tribune, a Knight Ridder newspsper in San Luis Obispo, CA signed an agreement with for Virtual AdTaker's Realty Ad Express. The newspaper plans to launch the application by the end of June, 2005. The newspaper will provide training and access for their real estate advertisers to create gallery or showcase style display ads using Realty Ad Express. Part of the Virtual AdTaker suite of products, Virtual AdTaker Realty Ad Express enables realtors to easily build their own display ads on-line, preview what they look like, make changes, and submit them to the newspaper on a 24/7 basis as a newsprint ready PDF.

Other Virtual AdTaker newspapers include:

The Denver Newspaper Agency, publishers of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News

The Daily Herald, a Paddock Publication daily newspaper

The Denver Business Journal, an American Business Journal weekly publication

The News Enterprise, a Landmark Community daily newspaper

The Daily Camera, an E.W. Scripps daily newspaper

The Evergreen Newspaper Group, six weekly newspapers owned by Landmark Community Newspapers

The Gazette, a Gazette Communications newspaper.

The Metro West Newspaper group, a Landmark Community group of 4 weekly newspapers

The Dallas Morning News, a Belo newspaper

Virtual AdTaker is the premier software vendor working with, Builder Homesite, and Classified Ventures to provide newspapers with reverse publishing capabilities to their newspapers.

Virtual AdTaker products were developed as a means of providing private party and commercial customers the tools to efficiently build their own image rich ads online.

Virtual AdTaker offers a suite of advertising products custom-made for the newspaper industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.

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