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Virtual AdTaker announces PRICE DECREASE


DENVER, CO - Virtual AdTaker is announcing some new and exciting changes. The team at Virtual AdTaker recognizes the financial pressures the entire industry is experiencing and is taking proactive steps to participate as a vendor and “partner”. 

We are providing 30 days notice to all of our newspaper customers of a PRICE DECREASE beginning the 2nd quarter 2009.

This was not a decision made based on customer request, but one we felt compelled to offer. This is a bold move on our part that confirms our commitment to the success of our customers and the industry.

License fees and ad fees will be discounted beginning on the April 1 invoice for all customers. For most customers the discount provides for a free month of the service fees over a calendar year.  This discount will remain in effect for the immediate future until the economy improves for all of us. Virtual AdTaker will honor this even more attractive pricing for new contracts as well.

Our commitment to our customers is providing to each newspaper any number of fabulous Virtual AdTaker services plus outstanding customer service.  Virtual AdTaker remains committed to each of its customers as much today as it has been over the years.

Virtual AdTaker offers a suite of advertising products designed for the newspaper industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.

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