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The Lexington Herald-Leader publishes their auto book using Virtual AdTaker's Automotive Reverse Publishing product


DENVER, CO - Virtual AdTaker is proud to announce an enhanced partnership with the Lexington Herald-Leader, a McClatchy newspaper in Lexington, KY. The Lexington Herald-Leader, a Virtual AdTaker customer since January 2007, recently published The Piston auto book using Virtual AdTaker's automotive product.

virtual AdTaker's automotive product provides The Lexington Herald-Leader the ability to easily publish commercial and private party automotive photo ads in book form. Ads are compiled from a variety of sources making the process customizable for customer needs. Virtual Ad Taker allows Lexington Herald-Leader's private party customers to pay by credit card. This streamlines the collection of individual automotive ads.

Virtual AdTaker's automotive product was developed to allow newspapers and automotive clients the ability to load data and photos manually or electronically. Publishers can utilize the data to quickly produce newspaper ads, auto books, used car guides, inventory lists, web feeds, and more.

Virtual AdTaker offers a suite of advertising products custom-made for the newspaper industry. The company is staffed with experienced personnel who understand the publishing environment, recognize publisher needs and believe in the power of superior customer service.

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